Why Case Studies are a must for service based businesses

  • The customer explaining what they expected and what was delivered, in their own voice.
  • A couple of impactful quotes that give a sense of what you are like are to work with and the benefits of working with you
  • An easily-scannable list of clear outcomes and results
  • A summary of the key parts of the project, including a highlight of some of the challenges encountered and overcome
  • Visual representation of the results — facts presented via an infographic, a graph or an image
  1. In a long copy for your website
  2. A shorter version (500–600 words) to include in tenders, proposals or email marketing.
  3. A case study ‘opera’. A delightful name for breaking the case study up to use in posts over a week on social media.
  4. Selecting some of the best quotes you can use everywhere, from your website to your email signature and social media posts (and ads).



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Rachel Klaver

Rachel Klaver

Content strategist. Host of MAP IT Marketing Podcast, Author of Be a Spider, Build a Web, coming out May 2022.